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WACF Membership Application

The Washington Association for Children & Families is a non-profit association of child welfare providers working to strengthen families and champion bright futures for children and families across Washington State.

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  • Agencies or entities that have DCYF child welfare serving contracts including in-home services, child placing agencies and behavioral rehabilitation services. (This excludes agencies who primarily serve early learning- see supporting organization).

  • Agencies or entities whose primary focus is legislative, administrative, and/or local advocacy on behalf of children and families.

  • Agencies that support families involved with or at risk of involvement with the child welfare system, whose primary sources of funding are not through DCYF contracts.

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  • WACF is composed of three divisions:

    Choose one or more (if applicable). If you are a Supporting Organization this does not apply. Please skip to the Form Submitter section below.

  • The Child Placing Agencies (CPA) Division, is composed of private, community based foster care agencies that recruit, license, train and support foster families. Child Placing Agencies work collaboratively with DCYF to ensure timely permanency.

  • The Intensive Services Division, is composed of agencies that provide Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, Crisis Residential Centers, HOPE beds, Regional Assessment Centers, therapeutic foster care and other services designed to serve children, youth, and their families with multidimensional and complex needs.

  • The Family Preservation and Support Services (FPSS) Division, is composed of agencies that provide in-home and community-based services to families, with the goal of stabilizing families to prevent children from entering more intensive services, including out-of-home care.

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