Child Placing Agencies (CPA) Division

Providing community based foster care

Intensive Services (IS) Division

Serving children, youth, and their families with complex behavioral and mental health needs

Family Preservation & Support Services (FPSS) Division

Stabilizing families to prevent children from entering out-of-home care


Advocating for the shared priorities of our member organizations

Creating a Brighter Future for Washington Families

Who Is WACF?

The Washington Association for Children & Families is a non-profit association of child welfare providers working to strengthen families and champion bright futures for children and families across Washington State.

Through collaborative advocacy efforts, WACF supports critical services for families so they can lead healthy, happy lives.

What Does WACF Do?

Advocacy — In partnership with its members, WACF drives administrative and legislative advocacy efforts to provide critical services to children, youth, and families. Those critical services ensure the safety, permanency, and well-being for children and families.

Training — WACF also informs and engages its members and partners through training programs specifically aimed at improving the lives of children and families.

WACF Also Provides Support To The Following Services:

Intensive Services (IS) Division — WACF works with agencies that provide Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, Crisis Residential Centers, HOPE beds, Regional Assessment Centers, therapeutic foster care, and other services designed to serve children, youth, and their families with multidimensional and complex needs.

Child Placing Agencies (CPA) Division — There are more than 8,000 children in out-of-home care in Washington State. WACF supports private, community-based foster care agencies that recruit, license, train, and support foster families. CPAs work collaboratively with the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) to ensure timely permanency.

Family Preservation & Support Services (FPSS) Division —When families are separated, it creates lifelong trauma for children, youth, and parents. WACF supports agencies that provide in-home and community-based services to families, with the goal of stabilizing families to prevent children from entering more intensive services, including out-of-home care.

Our Commitment

The only way to help families in Washington State is to work together, which is why we celebrate the things that make us different while working together as a cohesive community to build a better future for all.

Diversity & Inclusion - Washington State is home to families of all sizes, shapes, colors, cultures, and traditions. We are committed to every community. Celebrating the diversity of our membership directly helps to create a safer future for children, youth, and families in Washington.

Unified Voice - We take clear and straightforward positions about important issues and represent the voice of all members in a way that motivates action. We advocate for the application of accepted standards of care across the continuum of care.

Collaborative Community - The best solutions develop when numerous perspectives are brought together to address a problem. There is nothing better than working towards a common goal with others who have the same goal in mind. Together, we work to arrive at shared solutions that reflect lively debate and thoughtful discussion.


Longtime member and former Board President to retire this year

Many of you may not know that Brian Carroll will be retiring this year. His board of directors has asked WACF to post his position, but nobody will ever fill his shoes. We are very sad he is retiring, but wish him well in the next part of his journey.

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Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence new website calendar makes scheduling trainings easier than ever

As the Alliance continues to expand its training offerings across topics, regions and modalities, we also are focusing on developing tools that make it easier to navigate our catalog. We are very excited to announce the launch of our new class calendar website feature, which will let you see all scheduled classes with just a glance.

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Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence Caregiver eLearnings let you train at your convenience

The Alliance’s catalog of caregiver eLearnings is robust and offers tons of courses that can be taken at your convenience and at your own pace. Topics are wide-ranging and appropriate for all levels of experience.

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