Our Mission

The Mission of Washington Association for Children & Families

The mission of the Washington Association for Children and Families is to engage its member agencies in collaboration, communication, improved service delivery and mutual support among organizations. WACF works on behalf of agencies to support systemic improvement by advocating administratively and legislatively for organizations to operate efficiently, at the highest quality, and provide the most needed services possible to children, youth and families.


Association Values and Principles

  • Children should be maintained in their families, communities and neighborhoods, maintaining cultural, tribal and natural supports wherever and whenever possible.
  • The evaluation and assessment of the needs of children and their families should be professionally, thoroughly and completely completed at or on entrance into services. Such assessments and evaluations will always identify strengths as well as needs.
  • Children and families should receive the services they need in a timely and appropriate fashion in the most appropriate settings.
  • Members shall recognize and promote the value of serving children and families of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural and sexual orientation.
  • Members shall value, respect and support the continuum of services and the diversity of providers within the membership of the Washington Association for Children and Families.
  • Members shall conduct their business within and outside of the Association, ethically and honestly, and shall avoid or fully disclose any current or potential conflicts of interest.


Children should be maintained in their families, communities and neighborhoods

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