WACF’s Legislative Agenda

WACF’s legislative agenda is based on shared priorities from our member organizations. These priorities are carried out by Jill May, our Executive Director, Seth Dawson and Amber McPhee-Millard, our lobbyists, and members of the WACF Public Policy Committee. Your own advocacy is also very important. Please reach out to let us know how you can support these legislative priorities.

The Washington Association for Children & Families’ 2019 Legislative Agenda
2019 WACF Leg Agenda One Pager 1-4-19 REV

Child Placing Agencies (CPA) Division Agenda
2019 CPA Division Public Policy Agenda Update 1-4-19-REV

CPA Talking Points
Child Placing Agencies 2019 Talking Points

Intensive Services (IS) Division Agenda
WACF 2019 Intensive Services Advocacy Agenda Update 12-11-18 REV

BRS Talking Points
BRS One Pager – 2019

Family Preservation & Support Services (FPSS) Division Agenda

For a list of legislators and their contact info, click below:
House Appropriations2
Senate Ways and Means2

WACF Legislative Agenda Status Chart


Links to Recent Public Hearings
3/27 House Human Services & Early Learning Committee – Ross Hunter 10:30 minute mark
2/18 Families First testimony – Senate Ways & Means, Frank Ordway and Brian Carroll CUE: 1:17
2/6 The CPA Rate Study Bill (SB 5645) was heard in the Senate CUE: 1:39
1/31 Testimony on Certificate of Parental Improvement Bill (SB5533)
1/29 CPA Rate Study Bill (HB 1367) Passes out of House Committee
1/25 Testimony on House Bill 1367-CPA Rate Study
1/23 Testimony on Senate Bill 5290-Ending Youth Detention
1/22 Work Session on Child Welfare
SENATE Ways & Means Budget Testimony 1-15-19
HOUSE Appropriations Budget Testimony 1-14-19

Presentation of the Legislative Session
WACF Legislative Preview 2019


The Washington Association for Children & Families is pleased to announce the publication of its 2018 Legislative Agenda.  The priorities represent those issues most important to the three divisions of the Association: Family Preservation and Support Services Division; Child Placing Agencies Division; and Intensive Services Division.  During the legislative session we look forward to collaborating with constituent advocates, legislative staff, legislators, and Children’s Administration on behalf of the well-being of Washington State’s children and families.

Thomas E. Rembiesa
President, WACF

WACF 2018 Legislative Agenda

WACF FAR Extension Summary Final




WACF 2017 travel rate Final




Full Legislative Agenda and Division One-Page Summaries:

2016 WACF Legislative Priorities – Cover document

WACF CPA Rate Restoration One Page Summary

WACF FPSS Travel Rate One Page Summary

WACF FPSS – EBP Training One Page Summary

WACF BRS Forecasting One Page Summary

BRS Forecasting Proviso



Per the Legislative agenda for 2015, documents are posted here for easy reference and use.

WACF Rate Restoration document for legislators 2.24.15

Legislative Crisis Residential Center Position Paper

FRS Elimination Position Paper

2015-2017 Budget Chart

Rate Restoration charts comparing to CPI